Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Check out the story on the concert last night :
and look at the picture gallery. Picture #13 has a great view of the stage, and we were sitting just to the left of the HUGE SCREEN!


Something I forgot to add last night.... Dave Matthews hopped up on stage for one song with the RS and when he was leaving backstage, I screamed: "I LOVE YOU DAVE!!!" and he looked up and saw me waving and WAVED BACK.



Yes there are few words to describe what I experienced this evening. It started off innocently enough, a few last minute tickets to the Rolling Stones concert (Dave Matthews Band opening BTW!!!) When we showed up to pick up our t-shirts that came with our tickets (special 4 pack of tickets through Qwest Field came with cool t-shirts!!) the gal that was handing out the t-shirts pushed a piece of paper towards us saying that we'd won VIP tickets and that we'd be sitting in the balcony above the stage. Um, WHAT?! I was desperately trying to figure out what the catch was- but then after much reassurance from the t-shirt lady there WAS no catch... we walked into the VIP area and stood there dumbstruck. It turns out that the stage that the Rolling Stones had designed had balcony seats above the stage and they needed some extra peeps to fill out the remaining balcony spots. We got to see Dave Matthews Band play and it was AMAZING! Amazing, amazing, amazing... I've still got a smile plastered on my face.

Then the Rolling Stones came on. I was so close that I could actually see that Mick Jagger wore black Nike Shox and that Keith Richards looked a tad bit like death warmed over. I could not believe we were above the stage, watching Mick prance around in pants I wouldn't even fit in! It was A CRAZY show, fireworks, a big huge inflatable mouth and FIRE! It was so cool!

I do feel like a lucky girl, I've got a streak going lately. Perhaps it's the good karma I've been trying to bank.

The view from our seats, although my phone takes crappy pictures and the real thing was much better. That's Mick Jagger in the purple coat!!

Thursday, October 05, 2006


This week has been kind of a rough week- I am sure it doesn't help that things at work are extremely frustrating. I have found a new show to love "Ugly Betty" on ABC. I watched an episode today and it was pure hilarity. I love Betty's sister and how Vanessa Williams plays the evil do-er. I do wonder how long a show like that will be on the air for- but for the meantime... CHECK IT OUT. Super funny.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

It's October Already??

I can't believe how fast time has gone by, clearly my Fairy Godmother has been speeding up the time/space continuum so that Winter arrives faster than usual. I've been checking the weather on the various mountains I plan on tackling this year, however it seems that my prayers for snow hasn't been answered quite yet. I guess I'll have to make a couple more sacrifices to the snow gods.