Saturday, February 24, 2007

Pajama Days Rock!

10 Things I Love About Friday Pajama Days

- I can watch all the trashy TV I want and not get flack for watching an episode of "Next Top Model"
- Homemade lattes on the lovely stovetop espresso
- Mini-Day of Beauty
- Hanging out in my sweats
- Watching 16 Candles on DVD (Sigh... Jake Ryan...)
- Going to Safeway and cleaning up on the 10 for $10 sales
- Making recipes from my cookbooks (mmm...lemon yogurt cake from the Contessa... to DIE for)
- Not having to rush about ANYWHERE
- Getting rid of the piles of clutter about my house
- No make-up

Friday, February 23, 2007

Monday, February 19, 2007

It's Like Falling on Clouds...

This President's Day weekend we celebrated by heading up to Whistler for some snowboarding with our friends Sarah and Isaac and the Notorious ILKS. I had a great time, the snow was awesome and it was fun to hang out and laugh a lot.

Saturday night had brought us lots of fresh powder so Sunday Jeremy and I took off to tackle some blue runs. Of course this is a big deal for me since I've been mainly doing green runs all season, but it was time to take on some bigger hills. It worked out great since the blue runs had less traffic and that meant softer snow. At one point, I heard Jeremy exclaim as he bailed out- "It's like falling on clouds!"

Amen!! I love Whistler. I want to move there....

Me and the Husband
Ready for take-off
From our balcony in the Village
The Top (almost) of Whistler Mountain

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Just wondering...

How does one become a back-up dancer for Prince anyway? And where does he get those fabulous headbands?

More pictures...

Good lord... and those are not small plates....
Scary... isn't it?
Barbie Cake Carnage... oh the humanity!

Princess Party!

This weekend was Alyssa's 5th birthday and so my sister threw her a "Princess Tea Party" with all her little friends. It was pretty damn funny- all these little girls running around in Princess dresses, crowns and wanting their fingernails done. I would like to think I have a little princess in me as well, so it was lots of fun. The best part was making the Barbie cake for Alyssa- trying to figure out how to shove a full size Barbie doll into a cake and make it look like her dress.

After the party was over, I went home and CRASHED. I was so tired. Staying up until 1 am to finish the cake probably was the culprit- but it felt so good to take a nap. Jeremy and I then had dinner with some friends at Varlamos in the U-District. They serve up calzones as big as your head and after all the tea sandwiches I managed to shove in my cake-hole that day, I could only make my way through about half my calzone.