Sunday, June 29, 2008


The hair gets me everytime. It just keeps getting taller and taller.

Farm Visit

This weekend we took Isabel to visit Moonshadow Farm out in Duvall. It was a beautiful day, a lovely drive and we got to see the "country". Beth's friend Sharon owns Moonshadow and has a fabulous farm. I was so impressed by how neat and organized everything was. She has pygmy goats, mini donkeys, alpacas, ducks, geese, peacocks and most importantly- chickens! I was so thrilled to receive some fresh eggs from Sharon. My quest for fresh eggs has been a year long search and I finally was able to get some!

If you want more information about Moonshadow- check out Sharon's website:

I love this picture because she totally looks like Mr. Magoo. We've been calling her that ever since.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Is It Too Early For Demonic Possesion?

I'm serious. Our little angel of a sleeper turned into the Dev-il last night. Wednesday night Isabel slept from 9-3:30 am and Jeremy and I thought it was too good to be true. And we were correct. Last night Isabel went to bed around 8:15 and woke up at 9:00. She fussed a little, I soothed her back to bed and she slept until 11:45. Then got up again at 2:00 am, then at 4:00am, then at 7:30 am. Jeremy even sat with her in the rocking chair from 2:00 am-3:30 am. It was a horrible, horrible night.

I hope that this was a fluke and does not continue as a trend. Ironically enough, I had just checked a book about healthy sleep habits in children out from the library on Wednesday night. Apparently this made Isabel very angry.

Thank God for coffee.

PS. Isabel is 2 months old today!

Disclaimer: Photo may or may not have been retouched to illustrate point.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mary Wright Memorial

I wanted to post information about the Mary Wright Memorial site that my good friend and mentor Rachel Wright has put together in honor of her mother. Rachel's site has some wonderful information about Stem Cell research and Bone Marrow donations. Please take a moment to check out the site and read more about Mary Wright and the fund that has been set up in honor of her.

Please remember that many companies match donations given to charities by their employees, so keep that in mind if you are thinking of donating.

Thank you!

Monday, June 23, 2008

101 Uses for a Cat

#89- Bib Model

Tummy Time

Rarely does "tummy time" yield such smiles from Isabel. Pretty much she gets very upset with me and only lasts about 2 minutes. I know tummy time is important in helping babies grow stronger and teach them about rolling over, but the longer I can hold off on the whole "crawling-walking-making me crazy" stage, the better. :)

Friday, June 20, 2008

Zoo Trip

Today Jeremy, Isabel and I joined my sister and her girls at the Woodland Park Zoo. Yes, Isabel pretty much slept through the whole thing, so it was really more an outing for Jeremy and I than anything else. She didn't care that a giant grizzly bear was inches from our faces or that the hippos were showing off. It will be a couple years before going to the Zoo will be an exciting and facsinating outing. I almost had a meltdown in the Food Court, waiting in line for a cheeseburger. It was hot, it was crowded, I was starving and the people in front of us were taking waaay too long. I totally get why kids get so cranky sometimes- by the end of the day, I was DONE.

Sadly, we had left the house without bringing the camera. Our first Zoo trip and no media coverage.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

First Father's Day

We celebrated the beautiful, sunny, Father's Day weekend by taking some picnics and enjoying the weather. On Saturday, Jeremy and I took Isabel to Lincoln Park and had lunch by the water. Sunday we visited with my parents and then went to Chateau Ste. Michelle for a picnic in the grass with Grandma Beth. It was a nice, relaxing weekend! I am so thankful that Isabel is so portable and happy in the car- she's an easy baby to take around town.
Family Portrait
Ready for the beach
Playing on the picnic blanket
Cutie Pie Part 2

Saturday, June 14, 2008

LaBou Skincare

Hi all,

My great friend Joene is responsible for taking care of my eyebrows (it is quite the job!) and so if anyone is in need of a skincare specialist or some eyebrow waxing- DEFINITELY call her. She's been taking care of my skin and brows for 5 years and she is the only one I trust to do so!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Cutie Pie

I think the cheeks are weighing her down. She seems to be packing quite a bit in them!

Again, They Grow So Fast

A bittersweet moment today when I went to put on the outfit that Isabel came home from the hospital in and I found that she was busting out the seams. Her little toes were curled up in the feet- as they were too small for her growing tootsies. I realized at that moment that she was never going to be that small again and even though I am thrilled she is thriving and becoming a chunk- it was a bit sad knowing I had to fold up the outfit and put it away.

I realize now that this will continue to happen through her entire life, but I think it is that first time you find out your little kiddo is marching on with time just makes you think more about how fast they grow and how amazing life can be.

Perhaps it is all the jellybeans that I am eating lately that are causing these gushy "Mommy" revelations. Red Dye # 40, you are making me nutty!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sweet Jesus!

Dear 7 lb 8 oz Baby Jesus with Golden Fleecy Diapers-

Thank you for letting Isabel "Sleep Through the Night" two days in a row. For this, we are truly grateful.

Yes, the major event in my life right now was that Isabel slept two nights in a row from 10 pm- 3:45 am. That might not sound like a lot, but believe me- it was FABULOUS. Except for the fact that "The Girls" were hurting from the extended period between feeds (sorry, maybe too much information?)

It has`been getting easier with her, she's been a great baby so far. Which can only mean her "Hellian Years" are somewhere down the line. Please let it be at a time when I am oblivious to the whole thing- preferably when I'm 85 or something.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

A Week of Firsts...

Sleeping at the Columbia Winery
Baby Acne (so sad!!)

This week was a big week for us and Isabel. We took her on her first outing to the Columbia Winery to visit my dad, we had our first restaurant experience when we went to Ivar's to celebrate Grandma Beth's birthday and she received her first finger mustache.

The winery visit was fun, she slept through the whole thing. My dad took us on a personal tour of the winery and gave us a little wine tasting for free. Yes, we looked like responsible parents drinking wine while our baby slept in her car seat next to us.

Grandma Beth's birthday and Ivar's pretty much was a fantastic evening. Except for the last 10 minutes before the dessert arrived and Isabel woke up and wanted to feed. I was able to jimmy-rig a blanket over my chest and nurse her. I am definitely going to buy one of those nursing "Hooter Hider" blankets the next time I am out.

Ah, the finger mustache. Yes, this is what happens when a baby keeps me up at night, waking and fussing every hour and a half or so and then sleeps for 3.5 hours this morning. THIS IS WHAT YOU GET!!