Sunday, December 24, 2006


So I know that December isn't over yet, but I haven't posted anything in freakin' forever. So here goes:

In December there were many birthdays to celebrate! The Twins- Clara and Quinn had their first birthday on December 2, 2006. It was a crazy fun day with lots of pink and red everywhere. I had made little "Babycakes" for them, but they only were interested in the frosting. I really wanted a full fledged face plant and major cake squishage. BUMMER. Maybe next year!

My friends Eryn and Nicole also celebrated their 30th birthdays this month! If it's true 30 is the new 20, we're all in trouble.

Emily celebrated her 3rd birthday this year and sadly, I was not in attendance. I was given the most fabulous opportunity to go to New York for a long weekend to attend a gallery opening for one of the artists that creates work for us at Corbis. How nuts is that? I flew out on Wednesday night with my co-worker/friend Sarah, who grew up in Brooklyn. We stayed with her friend Vanessa (and Vanessa's cute pug, Pickle!) We had the BEST time, shopping, eating, eating, shopping... you get the picture. I even got to visit the famous Magnolia Bakery! I did have to wait in line to even get in the place- which is CRAZY. NO cupcake is worth a wait in line, especially when you know you can make them yourself! It is the whole experience of the thing, so maybe being in NY, having fun and being with friends just makes it all the more memorable. Behold the cupcake carnage:

NY was so much fun, we just wandered around the city and walked EVERYWHERE. I really wanted to visit the WTC site and it just blew me away how large the space is. Even though now it looks like a construction area, it still gives me the goosebumps.