Sunday, May 20, 2007

Another Busy Weekend...

This weekend was another marathon-event weekend. Saturday was a BBQ birthday party for Kirstie and Seth and after that my sister hosted a jewelry/fondue party at her house. As we all paged through the catalogs, I realized it was my first ever "Tupperware-esque" style party and I started to panic a little bit. I am really getting old. Miss EJ joined me at the jewelry party and that helped a bit- as did the two Blueberry Pomegranate Vodka cocktails. Oy.

Sunday was supposed to be a jam packed day too- but it turned out to be a little less so. Jeremy and I went to the West Seattle Farmer's Market and poked around sampling all sorts of fantastic cheeses, breads and veggies. We bought a few things and got some good ideas for planter boxes out back. (Again, feeling old here). We finished up our trip with some lunch at Guayamas and headed home. I was going to The Killers concert tonight with my friend Susan, but it turned out that they post-poned it. BOOO!!! I was so excited to see them- even if my evil plan to marry the lead singer was foiled by the fact that 1. I'm already married (details) and B. He's Mormon and already married. C'est la vie.

Now I'm pooped and the cat is giving me the evil eye because I'm in HER room making a lot of noise typing at the keyboard. Herfahiof haiofhoiahfi aihldfihaihdfiha oihd. How you like me now, Miss Kitty Fantastico??

Sunday, May 06, 2007


This weekend was a very full, but very fun weekend. Jeremy and I had dinner with Matt and Melanie on Friday night and had a wonderful dinner with their family. Saturday was Opening Day of boating season so I met up with Eryn for croissants in the morning (deeeelish) and we took her pooches with us on the walk to the Montlake Cut. I love this time of year because Opening Day brings back so many good memories for me. It was always an exciting time at the Boathouse- lots of activity and parties. The racing was always good and it was fun to meet crews from out of state and country.

Miss EJ waiting enjoying the sunshine.
Watching the Dragon Boats race.
Birthday candles for everyone!
I'm not quite sure what this dance is...
After the races my parents had us over for a CincodeMayoDinnerBirthdayPartyformysisterandKyle. My mom made some fantastic enchiladas (I always say this reeeally fast and with a good spanish accent) and mentioned something about making watermelon margaritas. I didn't actually witness any margaritas being consumed because I was trying to figure out what the heck my nieces were doing in the above picture. They are total coconuts.
I also caught up with my friend Katy Wallace who was in town from Michigan (she's going to dental school.) We had breakfast in Madrona and spent the morning laughing over coffee. It's good to get back in touch with people.
I love the weekends and I am so sad when they fly by so fast.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A Sign I haven't been to my WW meetings lately...

I go to three different grocery stores in ONE NIGHT to find a new flavor of Ben & Jerry's. Stephen Colbert's Americone Dream... BEHOLD!

I ate too much now I feel a little sick. Maybe I should take that second pint back to the store. "Forgive me WW, for I have sinned..."