Saturday, December 29, 2007


We finally got our new washer/dryer hooked up last week and after a traumatic first few days, it's wonderful and SILENT! Jeremy had to disconnect the "all done" buzzer as it sounded like halftime at the Sonics game. It was terrible. It scared all of us, including the cat.

Thankfully enough, people post instructions on the web on how to disconnect annoying things like that. :)

22 Weeks

Here is what I look like at 22 weeks (well, almost 23, but who's counting). It's funny, I can totally tell that I'm carrying a little lower now. Previous pictures had me carrying a bit higher.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

So Happy Christmas Comes Only Once a Year

Christmas this year was lovely, crazy, busy, exhausting, filling and fun. I'm glad I took the day off today because I just need a day of rest and some fruits and vegetables. I ate like a P-I-G all day and am suffering the consequences today. I keep forgetting that pregnancy makes your digestion slow waay down and so at about 10 pm last night, I was dying from stuffing my cake-hole too much. I guess it could be worse- no hangovers to speak of this year.

I can't believe it snowed yesterday! What a cool thing- a white Christmas, finally! Jeremy and I sat outside for a bit, watching those fat flakes fall- it's truly mesmerizing. I'm sad that it only lasted for a few hours, I really miss the snow this year. Maybe this weekend I'll convince Jeremy to take me up to Snoqualmie pass for a drive.

I'm happy Christmas is over, I'm looking forward to moving on to 2008 and getting things ready for our little Skeletor.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Peace, Joy and Happiness

Santa Kitty wishes you a Merry Christmas. She'll probably kill me in my sleep tonight. :)

Saturday, December 22, 2007


Last night Jeremy finally got to feel the kiddo kick. It was pretty exciting to finally have someone else feel what I've been feeling for the past couple of weeks. Then tonight as we were sitting on the couch, we saw the kiddo moving a couple times. It was so crazy! I know it's only going to get more active, but it really starts to solidify the fact that there is something GROWING inside of me.

I'm freaking out!

Monday, December 17, 2007


Apparently Santa received my Christmas Letter because Jamie Oliver is coming back to Food Network in January! I can't wait, I'm so excited! I saw his new show when we were up in Canada in May and lamented the fact that Food Network in the U.S. had not picked up his show yet.

Yay yay yay! Doing the happy dance!


Sunday, December 16, 2007

Island Princess Extravaganza!

This weekend was Emily's 4th Birthday Party. All year long the nieces ask me to make certain kinds of birthday cakes for them. Sometimes it varies, sometimes it stays the same. This year, Emily asked for a Barbie cake. When my sister and I were trying to figure out what kind of Barbie to get, it was determined that the "Island Princess Barbie with the Peacock thingee" would do. I managed to find the dress up outfit of the I. P. Barbie at Target and thought it would be cute if Emily matched her cake.

Behold- the Island Princess Barbie cake. Call me crazy, but apparently the Island Princess's side-kick is a red panda- but it looks like a racoon to me. I didn't realize that racoons lived on islands.

Even though I felt like complete poo this weekend- there is nothing better than seeing the excitement and smiles from my nieces when they realize that their birthday cake is a Barbie. The first thing that Alyssa asked me when I walked up to the door was "Where's the Cake?!"

Having Emily call me on the phone later that night to say: "ThankyouTitaformyIslandPrincessCakeanddressupoutfit" was worth trudging through my cold to get the cake done.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Happy Birthday Eryn and Nicole!

Saturday night was a fun girly dinner at the Pink Door to celebrate Eryn and Nicole's birthday. Fun was had by all- I even ordered two Shirley Temples! WOOEEE. Watch out! The preggo is going WILD!
It was so nice to go out and get all fancy for dinner. I really had a good time. However, my good time was promptly shut down around 9:30 when I just got EXHAUSTED. BOOO!
Here's what I look like at 20 weeks. My belly is definitely not the result of those tasty Candy Cane Jo-Jo's from Trader Joe's anymore!

Cheesecake update: I did give in to the Cheesecake Factory on Saturday. Jeremy and I were driving back from Babies R Us after setting up a registry and magically, the car drove itself into the Cheesecake Factory's parking lot (ok- fine. I begged Jeremy to pull over and let me hop out.) I am so glad I got a slice- HOLY DELISHISHNESS BATMAN! It was heaven on on earth!

I've decided that Babies R Us scares the crap out of me. Too many things to look at, too many things to decide on, too many things PERIOD! We went only to check out a stroller/car seat combo and decided to set up our registry. It was very overwhelming and after much thought, I really am liking Jeremy's idea of just getting some rucksacks and making our own clothes. SERIOUS. How can one little tiny baby require so much STUFF?! Maybe I should just register for diapers and wipes, since that's probably what we'll end up using the most.

Baby Pictures

(Click on the pictures to enlarge them)

So here are a few of our ultrasounds from last week. The first one on the left is the baby face down, with it's spine near the top. The kiddo was rockin' and rollin' during the ultrasound and managed to give me a few pictures that may haunt my dreams forever. Case in point- the second picture on the right. Baby is laying on it's side, facing the "camera" and it's little head is on the right. Now do you blame me for calling it Skeletor??
I did have this CRAZY dream last night that I was chasing my kid around, apparently at one month old, this baby could run and had a total Jeremy-fro. Big, curly hair and fat chubby cheeks. It didn't have a huge head- so that was a relief!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

So Tired...

Dear Baby,
Whereas I respect your right to grow into a cute little bugger, could you please stop making me crave cheesecake (because Thriftway was OUT of cheesecake and I'm scared of the Cheesecake Factory...) and also, if you could let me please not want to pass out at 9 pm every night, that would be SUPER.

Much love,
Your Soon to Be Mama

PS. Don't hate me because I think you look like Skeletor in your most recent ultrasound.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Not What I Used to Be

I am exhausted this weekend. After a wonderful breakfast with The Girls in West Seattle and an exciting drive home in the snow (Seriously people, it's just SLUSH on the road! Get out of the way!! Sorry, that was the hormones and the 4 Wheel drive talking) I spent a good 5 hours in the kitchen making cakes. Normally, cake making doesn't exhaust me- however in my current "condition" I just can't make them like I used to.

I am so looking forward to Tuesday. Jeremy and I get our 20 week ultrasound in the afternoon. I know there isn't anything to worry about, but I can't help but be a little anxious. I'll be sure to post any pictures if we get them.