Monday, January 30, 2006

"Nobody puts Baby in a corner..."

Best quote of a movie- ever. Love it.

I haven't been doing much lately except working my butt off at work and and trying to get my butt back into the gym. It's all a very tough situation. Yesterday I went to the Tacoma Antique show with my friend Kate and we had a ball. It was a heaven made of 50's Pyrex food storage containers (love them all!) and various weird knicknacks and general crap. There was even a guy that sold nothing but Pez dispensers. I mean, honestly! I was a little scared though, as I saw my future with all of Jeremy's "collectibles". Don't get me wrong, everyone should have a hobby- but why does "collecting" have to involve having so much stuff? In my near future I would like to simplify and get rid of clutter. I guess I shouldn't complain too much- as I always say "Things could be worse". I could be living with the dude who collects millions of bottle caps.

Sunday, January 22, 2006


Today while most people sat in front of the TV with their faces painted in Seahawks colors, I waged war on the dirt in my house. I started with the upstairs bathroom and am now suffering from a major chemical inhalation headache. However, my shower has never been so sparkly and clean, so it was worth it. I've gone in to admire my handiwork a couple times today... I'm such a nerd.

I've also made headway on my various knitting projects, I've got a scarf AND a wrap going at the same time. The cat has kept me company most of the day, but I think she's most interested in the moving yarn that keeps coming out of my knitting bag.

Yesterday, my dad, my cousin Inday and I all went out for lunch and wine tasting in Mill Creek. It was lots of fun, but I am thinking we should have done lunch first and wine tasting second. There is this cute little wine store next to the House of Bread in Mill Creek called de Vine Wines and they offer wine tasting from various winemakers every weekend. Not to mention that the House of Bread offers free samples. Heaven. Obviously, I am one who is easily pleased by simple things. I'm a pretty cheap date, too.

Last week Jeremy and I went to a birthday party for my sister's godfather at the Palace Ballroom in Seattle. It was a wonderful affair and I came to the realization now that I am among those who are considered grown-ups and it is now my neices who are hiding under the table cloths and chasing after boys at the party. (I NEVER did that, mind you... ha.) It was a very odd feeling, this feeling of being accepted as a "semi-adult". I am not sure I fit in quite yet, but I'm getting there. The best part of the evening (beyond seeing old friends and eating mini Tom Douglas coconut cream pies... oh the pies. How I love the pies....) was seeing Jeremy teach my neices the "Robot". Alyssa didn't want to do it at first, she suspected we were trying to trick her- but Emily took to it right away, waving her arms in front of her all the while saying "O-Bot! O-Bot!!"

Pure genius. Good work, Uncle Jeremy.

Monday, January 02, 2006

You're Either In, Or You're Out...

I admit it, the past couple months I have abandoned my daily workouts for a nice warm place on the couch, occasionally taking a nap after work or just watching Project Runway. There is a designer on the show (Santino) that looks like General Zod from Superman Two. I don't know, I think it's pretty suspicious, but you see make the decision for yourself. Either way, they clearly shop at the same store, as Santino has the same sparkly black outfit that General Zod had in the movie. FAB!

I have been bad about blogging lately, let's just call it general laziness and get it out of the way. Done. Said it. Work has been busy, the holidays were busy, and now it's back to the grind. Getting rid of all the holiday fat that has seemed to congregate around my midsection and back on the workout train. Woo Woo!

I think the other reason I haven't been blogging lately is the fact that Lola had a stroke a couple weeks back after returning to the Philippines and it's just really affected me and all of my family. I don't feel like doing much, a lot of things seem to overwhelm me if I think too much about it, and it's just a general sadness that has settled over the usually sunny horizon. It's not something one ever wants to think about- so for the most part I try to think good thoughts and keep on with life. It's getting to me though...

Ok! Enough of the sad stuff... I hope all of you are having a good 2006 so far and make sure you make each day count.
This is my favorite picture of the cat, so enjoy!