Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Wedding cake for Derek and Diane

This was the cake I did this past weekend. Pale green fondant with white branches and leaves.

San Juan Weekend!

First of all, I should say that everyone must take a mini-vacation and go up to the San Juan Islands. I took a wedding cake up there this past weekend and J and I extended our stay for a couple more days. It was well worth it. Getting up to the island with a wedding cake was not an experience I care to repeat, which might explain the fact that I was drinking a little too much white wine during the reception. That and the fact that the heat started to make the cake melt a little and thus my stress levels went through the roof. It all worked out in the end and the cake turned out fine.

We spent the next day exploring the island and had a one of a kind experience. We were patient enough to see about 30 Orcas swimming by Lime Kiln State Park, playing and breeching- it was truly a site. The pictures don't do it justice, but hopefully you get the idea.


Thursday, June 16, 2005

There is treachery afoot....

Today after my workout at the gym, I discovered an evil plot. The scale that is in the ladies lockerroom at my gym was two pounds heavy. How did I uncover this plot of deceit? I stepped on it, as usual and was taken aback in horror. Three pounds?! How in the heck did I gain three pounds since this morning? I could not have had that much water, especially after working out. I stepped off the scale, zeroed it out and heard a loud "THUNK!". Of course, when it is zeroed out, the scale should be level. I moved the little pound measure until it was past two pounds and all of a sudden, it was level.

OH! Such a deceitful plot must only mean that they want you in that gym all the time working out.

Evil doers, beware! For karma will kick your butt!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Great news! My sister in law is pregnant with TWINS! Can you believe it?! I am still in shock. Time to find a double stroller, double Baby Bjorn, double EVERYTHING! You think I am kidding? Check out this double Bjorn. They have a triplet version available too. How does that work? Babies hanging off of you at every angle? I think my personal favorite is this T-shirt. That's classy. I think I know what I'm getting the Warren family for Christmas!!

Thursday, June 09, 2005

It's only Thursday?!

I am dragging today. Woke up wishing it was Saturday. It could be that I was up late watching one of the worst movies ever. Two and half hours of my life, wasted away watching the HULK. Two words. Anger Management. Chill out. Life is what you make it, my Jolly Green Giant. If you make it all about you, then yes, you will get a little upset sometimes. I did find it slightly amusing though that no matter what Bruce Banner was wearing BEFORE he turned into the Hulk, he always ended up with the ratty purple shorts on when he got really pissed. Maybe that was the problem all along. Shorts were too tight.

Don't see this movie. You'll just end up hating yourself for sitting through it.