Sunday, July 31, 2005


Most times, when I am in the presence of babies and a two year old, it's great birth control. I thank my lucky stars that I am sans children. However, my friend Eryn and I went a-babysitting this weekend (Hi Eryn!!) and we had the best time. We sat for a friend in Bellingham who has two ADORABLE twin girls and a DARLING two year old. Typically, the thought of trying to keep track of three children, keep them happy and not seriously screw them up would make me choose a sharp poke in the eye rather than babysit. However, Eryn and I, the responsible, sensible gals that we are- took on the challenge.

Ruby, who is two, was a total riot. She refers to the twins as LucyLiza, instead of Lucy AND Liza. Her first word out of her mouth every single time is "No", however, after little convincing, she quickly changes her answer. I made sure to bring some stickers as an ice breaker- and they promptly ended up all over the couch and coffee table. Whoops. Sorry Kara!! She was such a good girl, even let me wash her hair in the tub which most little kids freak out about.

The twins were amazing. I think the toughest thing was trying to remember which baby we had fed and changed. They were totally content to ride in their swings, drink their milk, and make dirty diapers. Not much too it! However, we should have known better when Kara had left us a note telling us that one of the babies had not pooped in a day or two, so we had better watch out! Thinking that we would escape the monster poo- our luck ran out about two hours before Kara and Vince came home. Damn.

All in all, it was a fun trip up to Bellingham and great to meet and stay with these little cuties. I look at them and realize what an amazing miracle they are, overcoming so much to make it in this world.


Friday, July 29, 2005

So lazy.

Sorry I haven't been posting lately, I've just gotten so lazy in this heat. I feel like my fat cat, who just sort of plops down in front of the fan. Montana was fun, lots of sun, family and trips to Target. I am not sure why it is when we are in Kalispell we go to the same places- it's like tradition to stop at the 10,000 Silver Dollar Bar in Haugen, MT, M&S Meats to get some yummy buffalo jerky (I swear it's so tasty) and perhaps a stop in at The Sportsman Haus to find some great deals on some outdoor wear.

We didn't get the chance to go up to the Park this time, maybe in September when we go back. Jeremy and I did go jet skiing though- and managed to get ourselves thrown off the stupid thing. I have the greatest bruise you will ever (not) see, on my butt, from hitting the side of the jet ski as I went flying off. All I could do was laugh, because it was so dang shocking to be thrown like that.

All in all, it was nice to go, but I was happy to come back.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

What happened to us?

I spent yesterday evening with my family, including my two fantabulous nieces. They crack me up everytime. They are growing so fast- it's hard to keep up. I found these funny pictures of Emily today- and at what point in our lives was it not socially acceptable to squish sweet potatoes in our hair? When did it become NOT OK to bang your cup on the table demanding more food?

Friday, July 08, 2005

I love you egg!!

Well actually, I hate eggs if they are hard boiled. Something about the smell. However, if eggs are dressed up in cute little ninja outfits, I could be persuaded to love an egg. Do you need a song to convince you??


Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Nothing is more gross than a cold in the summertime. I am not sure where I caught this lovely bit of sickness, but it has not been fun. At first, I thought it was a major case of allergies, then realized after taking my medication, that it was NOT allergies and a full blown case of the cruddies. That was two days ago- Fourth of July was fun, but with me constantly sniffling and blowing my nose it was less than exciting. I've been at home the past two days, trying to get over this cough and all the goodies that come with it! Whoo!

I went with my nieces to the Bothell Parade in lovely downtown Bothell and as all small town parades are- it was quite the event. I think my favorite part was the three nerds on Segways. I laughed my butt off. Aparently, anyone can be in a parade...

Here are some pictures!

Sunday, July 03, 2005

You mean, they're not real??

The funniest thing ever- my friend Kate (hi KATE!!) gave me this video to borrow for MKF. It's called Cat Sitter, and is just little two minute movies of gerbils, birds, fish and other rodent like creatures that the cat would be interested in... MKF loved the gerbils and the rats but found the fish and squirrels sooo passé... She's such a snob.