Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thankful Thoughts

I am thankful for a lot of things every single day. The fact that I have a wonderful family, a wonderful husband and amazing little girl. I am thankful that I am healthy, our family is healthy and have wonderful people in my life who make each day fun and exciting.

However, there are some other random "thankfuls" that I should mention on this glorious day of Turkey and Thanks.

-I am thankful that Sesame street is only on once a day and that Isabel hasn't figured out the "On Demand" setting on the remote quite yet.

-I am thankful for my coffee, it is the fuel that keeps me going.

-I am thankful for the fact that Miss Kitty is so tolerant of Isabel wanting to "pet" her. Lately, this has involved a stick.

-I am thankful for OxyClean. 'Nuff said.

-I am thankful for Starbucks Pumpkin loaf. I am NOT thankful for the extra pounds it brings me each year, but this leads me to my next one...

-I am thankful for my trainers who help try and keep the Pumpkin Loaf from adding to me...

-I am thankful for my husband who changes diapers and helps around the house.

-I am thankful that the simplest things are the most entertaining to my daughter. The Squirrel Superhighway in the backyard has been awesome.

-I am thankful for a good glass of wine and a quiet house. Either in the morning or evening. As long as it is quiet. Wine doesn't even have to be that good.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

October November Happenings

This October has come and gone and we finally moved into our new place. However, we moved Halloween weekend and it was a whirlwind of activity, but we finally did get our act together to take Isabel out trick or treating. Two houses and the Grandma's, perhaps next year she'll bring in a bigger haul for Mommy and Daddy.

Isabel also got her first haircut last weekend and it was a great success. We took her to see my hairdresser and let Isabel sit on my lap and read books while Caryn did her magic. It was great! Isabel had a fun time at the salon and I got my locks trimmed as well. Bonus for all!

We're still settling into the new house and it still looks like a mess. It is hard when the weekends are spent trying to get normalcy back into our lives, but still trying to tackle the boxes that are sitting around. Yuck. And to top it off, the Piggy Flu seems to be looming around the family. Thankfully, neither Jeremy or myself or Isabel has caught it- but it is getting frightfully close. I think if we eat enough bacon, we can probably convince it to be on it's way. Nothing to see here! Move along!!

At 18 months, Isabel is doing a great job of stringing two words together. "Buh-Bye Mama" and "Hi Daddy" are popular as well as "Uh-oh Shoe" and "Hi Keeee" (Kitty) or any number of those combinations. After her last appointment, Jeremy and I sat down and made a list of all the words in her vocabulary and were stunned at the result. It was way more than I expected, and those items that she has very simple words for are the most surprising. She may not be able to fully say "Robot" but she certainly knows what it is. It sounds more like "oboe" than Robot, but we know exactly what she means.

We've also said "Buh-bye" to the bottle, although it has been really hard for her to adjust to the fact that milk isn't coming with a nipple on top any more. We've switched to the sippy-cup top on her bottles and she sees that coming towards her and gets mad. It's funny how kids get into their routines. She's perfectly fine drinking from a sippy cup, not a problem. As long as it is WATER. If it has milk in it- she gets mad and tosses it and demands "WAH-ER". I've even tried to trick her into taking a sip by getting sippy cups that you can't see through. Nope, that just makes her more annoyed. I just have to remember that this too, shall pass. And sooner or later, she'll get used to it. But for the meantime, annoyed that my child is cemented in her routines!

Curious George continues to be her favorite books- so in an effort to save my sanity from reading the SAME BOOK OVER AND OVER, I practically bought out the toy store by my work with all their George books. Some are better than others, but after really reading these books you start to realize how it's not George's fault he's a naughty monkey, but really The Man with the Yellow Hat's fault. He's certainly not paying attention when George gets into trouble and who could blame a monkey for an adult's lack of supervision? And when is TMWTYH going to learn? Honestly. Don't even get me started on the fact that George doesn't have a tail...