Saturday, September 17, 2005

Leave the gun, take the cannolis...

This weekend I created my last wedding cake for a long while. (That is, until one of my good friends gets married, then I will reconsider). It was a true piece of work, it had me up til about 1:30 am then up again at 5:30 to cover in more ganache. Yes, it took so much chocolate and cream to cover that thing that it weighed a TON. Jeremy actually had to help me lift it so we could get it to the table in one piece. It turned out beautiful with the colors- I'm really happy with it.

After we delivered the cake, we went to Le Fournil in Eastlake and dined on some yummy french sandwiches and picked up a couple french pastries for later. I heart eclairs!!

Friday, September 16, 2005

Does your cat crap in the toilet?!

Today when shopping for Gour-met cat food for Miss Kitty, I was behind a guy at the pet store that was asking for (and I quote) "the training tool to train cats to crap in the toilet". I nearly died laughing. Some days I wish I carried a recorder because some things are just too funny. I can't imagine trying to train Miss Kitty to do her kitty doo-doo in the toilet, much less trying to teach her how to flush the toilet.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Must... create!!!

There is something seriously wrong with me. I have the urge to buy a bunch of fabulous fabrics and go hog wild on sewing projects. Do I know how to sew??? Noooooo... but I just spent an hour ooo-ing and ahhh-ing over fabrics at Love it all. Especially the sushi prints. I think my desire to move away from cakes and goodies to something else has kept the creative bug in my head looking for fallen crumbs. I say bug because I'm not that creative, but when I see things that inspire me, that little creative cockroach does a jig.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Stupid Blog!

Ok, so I had a good post ready to go and then I realized that I probably shouldn't post it because maybe I might offend someone. OH what good is a blog then?!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

My Husband, the Hero...

This weekend was a little bit of an emotional roller coaster. Saturday morning was spent enjoying fresh croissants and coffee after sleeping in til about 9:45. It was lovely, especially after the emotions of Friday and learning of my aunt's passing. Needless to say, sleep was desperately needed and Jeremy was nice enough to go out and get my favorite morning treat. About 10:30 or so, the fire alarm in the next building was going off and smoke was filtering out of their kitchen windows. Peering outside, I actually saw our on-fire neighbors shut their bedroom window, obviously annoyed at the fire alarm that was in full swing. Jeremy and I rushed outside, hoping to see our neighbors leave their burning house. After a couple minutes of no neighbors, Jeremy ran over and knocked on their door, to no answer. Determining it was safe, (no flames) he opened the door and ran inside, asking if people were ok. He said that the sprinklers were on in the kitchen and whatever was on fire was now out. Smoke and water was everywhere. Our neighbors, now throughly confused why there was someone in their house, came out of their bedrooms, still half asleep. They had no idea that their kitchen was on fire, or that the screeching smoke alarms and fire alarm was for them.

The fire department showed up a few minutes later- Jeremy and I retreated to our condo. Our nosey neighbors gathered out in front, four of them, standing and watching- not bothering to ask if our on-fire neighbors were ok. Jeremy was the only one who had bothered to ask if the neighbors were ok, needed water or anything. Our nosey neighbors sat like vultures in front of our condo- clearly doing nothing productive or helpful.

I think I will make Jeremy a cape, for his superhero efforts.