Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Mmmm... Gelato!

You know, it's a shame that gelato isn't as easily accessible as ice cream. There is nothing better than a scoop of creamy delishishness... especially if it's coconut delishishness!

My friend Eryn is going to NYC soon, I told her that she needed to check out the Magnolia bakery. Has anyone been there? I have heard rave reviews, even Sex in the City gals get their cupcakes there. Cupcakes and Cosmos anyone? I have their cookbook and it's fantastic, but I want to hear about the real thing!!

Monday, August 30, 2004

There are strange things afoot... Posted by Hello


Well the birthday is tomorrow. I think the funniest comment is from my sister who claims that my neice is "excited for your birthday because she can't wait to wear a hat and eat cake!!"

Who would blame her? I wonder where the idea of the hat and cake came from. I read somewhere that the candles on the cake symbolized the light to keep away evil spirits. That I understand. Get yer own chocolate frosting!!!

Saturday, August 28, 2004

Rug Doctor Cometh

What could be more exciting than cleaning your carpets on a Saturday morning? Well strange as it seems, it's satisfying to run that steam cleaner over those damn stains and see clean carpet beneath. Margarita Spill of 2003? Gone.

Out damn spot.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Hoffman's "Fine" Pastries

So, it's been a year that Jeremy and I have been married. And what better way to celebrate tradition than to eat that soggy cake that has been sitting in your freezer for an entire year. But wait! I decided that I would have the bakery that made our cake make us a new cake "top"- a fresh one. However when Jeremy and I sat down to eat our beloved wedding cake, we discovered that the cake that I had ordered from the bakery was not the same cake that was in our freezer. After emailing the bakery to let them know my utmost disappointment, I receive a call. They called to tell me that the cake I ordered was the cake that was ordered and not wedding cake. As I proceeded to tell the lady that the cake that I had ordered from them was our ANNIVERSARY cake she said, "Well, that's what was ordered and we didn't know it was supposed to be for your anniversary."

Disappointed? YES! I've worked in customer service for many years and I have to tell you that this experience will never happen again because I WILL NEVER BUY from them again!

I had a similar experience with some cupcakes bought at the Dahlia Bakery in Seattle. The cupcakes were dry and expensive for what you got. After voicing my displeasure at these supposedly wonderful cupcakes, I received a handwritten apology and a call from Tom Douglas himself! Now, THAT my friends, is excellent customer service. I love the Dahlia Bakery and will go back time and again! I have never had that experience with them again...


The countdown is on. 6 more days till the hair that I have been growing out for a year will be gone. GONE. That's ok, it's for a good cause. I am donating my hair to Locks of Love so that some deserving child will be able to have a wonderful hairpiece. I know that it will be hard to part with my hair (part.. hair.. har har) but it will grow back. If I let it. Considering that I have been shedding all over, spending waay too much on conditioner and driving myself crazy, it will be a nice way to celebrate my 28th birthday.


Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Day 1

Oh my goodness. First day of starting this blog. What do I say?